Synchronizing System

Generator Control

Synchronizing / Load-sharing

Combined Heat & Power

Load Management System


Web Supervisor Control / Cloud Based Monitoring And Controlling

Following Are The Main Features

List and map view of devices, tracking and geofencing Alarm Analyzer

Dashboard, Trends & Reports

User activity logger. WSV Screen editor. API

Customizable look with your logo and URL

Ngr (Neutral Grounding Resistance) (Turkish Based)

Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs) are used to limit the fault current for safety of equipment and personnel in industrial systems. Some of Technical features are listed below:


Ups (Uninterruptable Power Supply) (Italian Based)

On Line technology is identified with the abbreviation VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent). This technology is commonly called “double conversion”. In fact, in mains presence operation, the UPS output is powered by the combination of the rectifier which converts the UPS input voltage from alternating to direct and from the inverter which again transforms the direct voltage into alternating. This system ensures that the voltage present at the UPS output is perfectly sinusoidal, clean and very stable both in voltage and in frequency regardless of the problems present on the power supply.

Battery Management System

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