LV Panel with or without Synchronizing

Our Low voltage switchgear is a metal clad, totally enclosed cubicle type with lockable hinged doors, front access, and floor mounting in free standing designs for indoor/outdoor services.

The switch boards consist of vertical sections bolted together to form a rigid assembly, finished with powder coating. The switch board consist of four poles air insulated electro tinned, high conductivity copper bus bar designed for 3-Phase, 4 Wire 50HzAC system.

Our switchgear includes circuit breaker, (ACB’s, MCB, MCCB, ELCB’s, RCCB & RCBO) Current Transformer potential.

Transformers, protective relays, measuring instruments, switches, fuses, surge arrestors, isolators, and various associated types of equipment.

Essential Features of our Switchgear Product

Complete Reliability

Quick Operation

Absolutely Certain Discrimination

Provision for Manual Control


Auto Transfer Switch and Auto Failure

R.A. motorized ATS is our specialized product. It has both automatic and manual that increases the reliability. We offer manual override option by just utilizing 2 Nos. circuit breakers. The range of ATS that we offer varies from 100Amps to 1600Amps. Our Automatic Transfer have reliable mechanical interlock high arc quenching and high thigh transfer speed.

Characteristics of Our ATS Switches

Reliable mechanical interlock

Special eccentric selection construction to ensure only one power source is connected

High arc-quenching performance

Extinguishes abnormal electrical arcing, short duration of electric arcing and low contact loss

High Transfer speed

Rapid transfer between the active power and standby power, allowing a customized transfer delay for an ATS with a controller

Simple construction and small volume

Have reliable operation, a low failure rate, convenient to install and maintain. Allow rotation with a handle during repair for convenient error detection and troubleshooting


Power Factor Improvement Plant

We offer power factor improvement /correction panels for indoor applications with fixed or automatic capacitor switching. These Panels reduces power losses and limit the unwanted current to improve the life and efficiency of the system and save the cost of electricity.

Special Features

Available from 25 KVAR at 415V onwards to 3000 KVAR at 440 volts from 3 stage up to 12 stages

MCCB/Load Break Switch Incomer, each stage provided with MCCB and Contractor and efficient design to limit inrush currents

Sturdy Powder coated panel for long life

Heavy Duty Capacitors with long life and minimum losses

Easy and efficient installation for good energy savings


Motor Control Center

Our LV-MCCs provide the most suitable method for grouping electrical motor control, automation, and power distribution in a compact and economic package. The control unit consists of components such as combination of motor starters, variable frequency drives, and soft starters, direct online starters with digital and analogue meters.


Bus Tie Ducts

We develop, fabricate Low-Voltage Bus Tie Duct System which serves as an interface to Transmit load from and to main from Power Distribution Board. Our Bus Tie Duct are designed to meet required voltage, ampere and fault level ratings. They are Electrolytic Copper Bus Bars supported on insulators, enclosed in a study sheet-metal duct. Copper Bus Bars are sized in accordance with the specified ratings to operate within IEC Temperature Rise Limits. Their joints are tin-plated. In recent years, rapid changes of expansion in the high-tech industry have increased.

Type Tested Panel (SIVACON) by Siemens

The SIVACON low-voltage switchboard is the standard solution for building and industrial technology.

Salient Features:


Rated Voltage



Rated Current

Upto 6000A


Short Circuit (Icw)

Upto 100KA


Forms of segregation



Compact space saving and flexible design through modular system side by side cabinet system in frame type of construction , expendable in depth and width. Safe grounding for example through door hinges with grounding functions.

Safety through TTA test according to IEC -60439-1 & Design Verification by verification to IEC614-39.


Soft Starter

It is a device used to mitigate the inrush current of transformer. A problem of inrush current of transformer often results in tripping of gensets that can be controlled through installation of Soft Starter.